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Everything You Need to Now About a HIAB Truck Service Sydney!


If you have a big product you need to be hauled, you need the right HIAB Truck Service.

A HIAB truck offers unparalleled service to companies that need heavy items, hauled across Greater Sydney NSW. The Hiab truck can both load and unload the load quick and efficiently. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will fully understand how a HIAB service works and what it can do for your company. 

What Are HIAB Truck Services?

A HIAB truck is a brand name of the truck. HIAB stands for Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Finnish company that developed this specialized lifting and hauling truck. 

HIAB trucks are specialized in that they have cranes on them that allow the truck to self-load or unload. The HIAB crane uses the truck engine to power the hydraulics of the crane. Thus the truck operator can load and unload the trucks at their worksites as well as deliver the goods to the worksites. 

The HIAB eliminates an extra piece of machinery. The crane can also move items that aren’t on the truck such as generators and containers all on a single build site. So when you pull up with the HIAB crane truck, you have both a haulier and a loader and unloader. 

HIAB has developed a few different types of trucks. The one you need will depend heavily on the weight of your load as well as how far you need the load lifted. 

General HIAB Service

General Hiab truck services will help you meet your specific trucking and loading needs. A trucking company has load handling services as well as hauling services. So if you need help with removing rubbish, delivering products, or general carting, they can help you. 

Here are a few common tasks that Hiab truck services offer. 

Oversized Load Moving

Great Hiab trucking companies will specialize in oversized loads. They will use extendable trailers that allow for massively long loads. The Hiab mover will allow the truck to put the load exactly where it belongs. 

The truck company will provide oversize pilot or escort vehicles. These will ensure the trucks transport the load safely and securely. This protects your load as well as your company. 

For example, many Hiab trucks with extendable trailers have hauled wind turbines for new wind turbine farms. Single fins of wind turbines stretch to 45 meters long. These big loads require an extendable trailer, and the Hiab truck makes loading and unloading a much simpler task, especially when the operators with proper certification work in tandem. 

Crane Truck Transport

Good Hiab truck transportation services will haul general loads as well as over sized loads. They’re willing and able to load, haul, and unload across the continent as well. Good truck services will have GPS trackers on their units so they can tell where your precious cargo is at all times. 

General Container Cartrage Transport 

If your business specializes in general transportation services and container cartridges, a Hiab truck service can help you. Containers require heavy equipment for loading and unloading. Good services will have a fleet of trucks and trailers that can handle your equipment and goods. 

Additionally, the country-wide transport services allow the truck company to move your goods across the continent. They can haul everything from telegraph poles to turbines to containers to heavy machinery. The company will also take care of logistics such as pickup, distribution, and interstate travel. 

Benefits of Crane Trucks

Crane trucks may look a bit cumbersome. After all, they are heavy-duty trucks with a crane folded behind the cab. But the benefits of a crane truck far outweigh the costs. 

Here are a few common benefits of a crane truck. 

Lifting Power

The crane truck does not just have some lifting power. They have massive lighting power. The loader cranes on crane trucks come with knuckle booms and telescopic booms.

This setup offers unparalleled lifting capabilities that can lift just about any item. 

Knuckle booms on the truck are also known as articulating booms. They bend at their reinforced joints and then fold into small packages so they can handle bear maximum loads. Furthermore, the operator can easily maneuver them to transport heavy items like big steel tanks. 


Truck cranes can operate anywhere you drive the truck. Thus you can use them on roads and highways and just about anywhere else. Plus, the truck cranes come in a variety of capacities and sizes. 

You can transport the range to off-road worksites where they can quickly load and unload items. With a standard crane, an operator has to stabilize the crane first. A truck crane is already stabilized, and thus it can do the job more quickly and efficiently. 

Furthermore, truck cranes can rotate in a complete circle and still extend a long distance. They are incredibly versatile and maneuverable.  

Signs of a Good Crane Truck Service

Great crane truck services are willing to load, haul, and unload a load wherever you need them to. They will have a fleet of trucks, and they will coordinate with full-time drivers, mechanics, operators, and administrators within their business. They’re more than just a simple truck with a driver but a full-on transportation service. 

For example, they will schedule, coordinate, and dispatch your load. They will also have a variety of fleet options such as extendable trailers, road trains, and flat beds. They’ll have modern, regularly maintained, well-equipped trucks. 

Hire a Hiab Truck Service

When you need a load loaded, hauled, and unloaded, a HIAB service will do the job. If you have the right service, they will also track your load and fully insure it. You can rest easy knowing that your load will get where it’s supposed to go. 

Do you need a quality truck service? If so, get a free consultation with us. Our experts in hauling can help you move your load quickly, safely, and efficiently.